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Warning! The final product may differ slightly from what is shown on our website.

From 3D model to procudtion

Every detail have unique scheme and created with the help of modern 3D editors. To achieve incredible quality, this handle is manufactured by our best maters on professional equipment using the highest quality metals and materials.

Versatility of use

With our optional spacers, you can use any 7/8 and 1 '' Neopixel blade with a universal three-ring flat connector made by ShtokCustomWorx or KR-Sabers.

Chassis Inside

The specially designed Chassi structure allows it to be completely removed from the Lightsaber hilt due to additional reliable connectors leading to the control unit and Neopixel connector. The speaker chamber also has a detachable structure on magnets and rails for quick access to the charge port and sword power on/off.

Crystal Chamber

For a better imagination of lightsabers, this saber has crystal chamber, the radiator of which is made entirely of brass. The crystal itself is real rhinestone.


All of our sabers have their own advantages that make them really special
and unique in the world market.

ProffieBoard 2.2

We use best quality sound board with a lot of additional blade and sound fonts.

3150 mAh battery

High Drain battery for maximum blade brightness performance.

3W Bass Speaker

With removable Speacker Chamber for a fast accessing ports and kill-switch button.

Hilt Production

We use high quality aluminum and bronze metal alloys and anodizing technology for the production of hilts.

Blade Holders

You can use any 1” and 7/8” Neopixel blade that has a universal connector with 3 circular contacts.

Control Box

Fully working buttons and LED indication on it. Removable construction.

Removable Chassis

Fully removable chassis thanks to secondary connector and removable control block.

Type-C charging Port

Charge your saber by any power source by using any Type-C cable. Charging process LED indication.

Crystal Chamber

Beautiful kyber crystal chamber with brass radiator and real rhinestone.

What’s in the Box